The United Reformed Church believes in the ministry of the whole people of God.  Discerning the form of ministry into which God is leading you is something that is best carried out in the context of the local church.  There are courses for those wishing to explore or train for particular forms of ministry.

Developing Worship Teams

Developing Worship Teams is a way of encouraging people to work together in small groups to prepare and lead worship in their church.  There are resources to download to enable you to run a Developing Worship Teamsworkshop. The workshop can be run over the course of a day or two half days. Read the Leaders Guide for details of suggested timing for each session.  The optional PowerPoint presentation may be useful to leaders, even if they will not be showing it at the workshop.

Lay Preaching

Those training as lay preachers can gain two levels of qualification

Local Recognition

The synod has agreed guidelines on the training and preparation that is needed for a person to be formally recognised as a lay preacher by their local church, group or local mission team. Usually a combination of study  and practical assessment is required; but check with the Area Advocate for Worship and Preaching.

National Accreditation

Required study currently under review. (Preachers who have already trained received training in other Denominations should consult the Synod Pastoral Advisor for their church about alternative requirements.)

Funding Lay Ministry

Synod Grants are available for training courses for lay members of the United Reformed Church.  Applications for up to £250 per annum be sent using the Lay Training Grant form and should be sent to your Synod Pastoral Advisor.  Once approved a claim for with receipts is sent to the Synod Office for payment.

In addition Assembly Accredited Lay Preachers can apply for up to £200 per annum using the Lay Preachers Grant Application Form, which should also be sent to their Synod Pastoral Advisor.