The South Western Synod meets twice a year.  It is an open meeting but only serving ministers, Synod Pastoral Advisors and a representative from each church are able to vote on Synod business. The meetings happen on the 2nd Saturday in March and the 3rd Saturday in October,  at Westfield URC Bridgwater.  Follow the links for the agenda of the next Synod Meeting, and when available, supporting documents for the meeting, the minutes of the Synod meetings, and an archive of the Moderator’s Address to Synod Meetings.  You will also find the Standing Orders for Synod Meetings and other appropriate documentation as needed.

General Assembly is the main decision making meeting of the United Reformed Church and happens every other year.  Follow the link to find out more and gain access to the Reports and Records of Assembly.

Mission Council, meets two times a year with four representatives from each Synod attending.  Follow the link for the latest Mission Council reports.

The minutes and most supporting documentation will be available in pdf format which you can download and read with Adobe Reader, this is free software and can be downloaded at