Church Development Worker

Michelle Howard

Contact Details

Telephone Synod Office 01823 275470 or my mobile 07768 737190

The overarching purpose of my role is to work with local churches, to help you to reach out and show God’s love to the whole demographic of the communities around you.

I want to support you in realising your mission. One of the ways that I can do this is to help you identify and work out a strategy to help people of all ages and at all stages of the journey of discipleship to grow in faith. This will include work with children and young people, but will not be exclusively with this age group.

The role is a part time one of 17.5 hours a week, on a fixed term of 2 years, focusing mainly on the Bristol and Wiltshire areas, although if churches in other areas of the Synod have projects that they would like support in please do get in touch. My working hours will be flexible to enable me to respond to the needs of churches, for instance being able to attend evening meetings or weekends, although my main working hours will be Mondays, Tuesday and Fridays between 10 and 2 p.m. Please do feel free to contact me outside of those times and I will do my best to respond.

The main areas of the role description are:

• To work with local churches, helping them to establish and develop programmes and approaches that are relevant to the needs of the church and local community.
• To work in collaboration with the Synod Safeguarding Officer [SO] and to signpost churches to the SO for advice and support on safeguarding of children and adults at risk.
• To provide and disseminate information about resources and available grants to support churches in Community Development work.
• To deliver or source training for those working with Children & Young People [C&YP] and Families’ Workers including Ministers of Word and Sacrament and Church Related Community Workers.
• To encourage the development of Area-wide and Synod-wide networks of C&YP workers, Families’ Workers and community workers.
• To encourage churches to explore ‘Godly Play’ and ‘Messy Church’ and consider becoming part of the Child Friendly Church Award Scheme.

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