Elders in the United Reformed Church are elected and ordained in the local church to share in its leadership. For Charity Commission purposes the Elders are the managing trustees of the local church.  To assist in the task of Eldership there are  guidance booklets and resources to download.

For more information on Elders and trusteeship download the Trustees and Governance booklet  from the Charity Commission and view or download the Synod leaflets on ‘Responsibilities of Elders and Trustees’ and ‘Safeguarding A Guide to Elders responsibilities, legislation and Synod Policy’

These leaflets are part of a series of Information Sheets  intended for the benefit of Elders, Ministers and all those concerned with the management of United Reformed Church property, particularly in the South Western Synod.  The Information Sheets include content from the ‘Pink Book’ which has been updated and edited, to provide an easy point of reference focusing on issues specific to church life and property in the South Western Synod, and highlighting a number of the more everyday matters.

Are you called to be an Elder?

A leaflet to help individuals find out more information about the role and think this important question is available.

Elders meet together regularly to oversee the life of the local church. The functions of the Elder’s Meeting are outlined in the Manual of the United Reformed Church. Download the extract.

Elders make promises at their Ordination and are subject to a Code of Conduct agreed by General Assembly.

To assist and develop the Eldership in a local church there is a useful resource, developed for use by the whole United Reformed Church. In a series of eight units the life and work of Elders is explored creatively.

Membership of the United Reformed Church is sometimes difficult to define. The Elders are responsible foe the Role of Membership in the local church. To assist in thinking about membership why not download a creative discussion document from the fictitious ‘Plodding Gladly URC’