Revd Dick Gray is the Synod Treasurer

"I am married with 2 children and 3 grandchildren, and my wife Janet is also active in the United Reformed Church and as a Synod Pastoral Advisor (SPA). Apart from a gap during my youth, I have been a lifelong Christian.  I am retired from full time work having worked for more than 30 years in the Telecoms industry, 10 of which were spent in places including Beijing, Hong Kong, Cairo, and Warsaw.  I was ordained in 1991, and served as Minister for Westlea Church in the West Swindon partnership for around 10 years, retiring in 2013.  Although not an accountant, I have many years in industry dealing with accounts and budgets, so I hope that my knowledge can serve the Synod.  My view is that we need to be prudent with our finances, but we should also recognise that where God wants us to spend, he will provide the necessary resources, sometimes from unexpected sources."  Contact Dick on 01626 890572 or e-mail Dick


Synod Finance

The SW Synod has sources of Finance derived from current churches, redundant churches, investments and bequests that are used to fund the work of the United Reformed Church in the South West.

The role of the Treasurer is to ensure that these funds are used wisely and in ways that support the Mission of the United Reformed Church in the South West, but also to provide monies where needed for the work undertaken on behalf of the Synod. Thus moneys are used to pay for our professional staff in the Synod, to meet the costs of running the Synod and to support the Ministry of the Church to the people of the South West. Increasingly the various denominations are working together and we also support the Ecumenical Bodies in our region.

The Treasurer and the Trust & Property Officer are also available to help churches manage their financial activities and the stewardship of their property.

The Synod also makes grants to support the work of local churches in enhancing their Mission activities, and helping them to connect with the communities they support. Details of the types of activity we support and the ways to apply for grants are on the Finance Documents page.


Insurance: Many insurance companies are limiting cover for replacing stolen lead.  Some state that cover is withdrawn unless “smart water” is applied.  Congregational & General continue to have No limit and no “smart water” stipulation.  Insurance companies are no longer able to provide independent advice (following regulation of the industry) and churches may wish to use an independent insurance broker to ensure that obtain the best cover.  The South Western Synod Trust (and other Synods) are using David Edwards Insurance Brokers. There are of course other brokers who may be able to provide similar advice.  The Congregational Insurance website also offers some useful advice on church insurance.

Other important areas for consideration are copyright, insurance and safeguarding and there are links to information about all of these also.