Training in, and resources for, children’s and youth work



The Synod has puppets that can be lent to churches for use in worship generally or in particular for working with children and young people

See pictures Synod Puppets 


Godly Play

The Synod has various Godly Play Resources that we can lend to churches for work with either children or adults. Why not try using the resources during worship? We hope to be getting more resources for other stories but the ones we have so far are:

  • The Holy Family
  • Holy Baptism
  • The parable of the Great Pearl
  • The parable of the Sower
  • The Good Shepherd
  • The Good Shepherd and World Communion
  • Zacchaeus
  • The Faces of Easter
  • Advent
  • The Ten Best ways
  • The Great Family (Abraham and Sarah)
  • The Exodus
  • The Exile and return
  • Creation

Please see pictures Godly Play resources



Should you want any training in Children’s and Youth Work please contact Michelle Howard.

Fresh Expressions Young adults hubs

The Fresh Expressions young adults hubs exist to champion fresh expressions of church amongst young adults. Their focus is on helping the Church to understand young adults, networking young adults who are involved in fresh expressions of church and releasing young adults to be church in new and creative ways. See website

The following are useful sites for Youth evangelism

a) Youth Alpha Courses
b) Youth Emmaus Courses