Hope in God’s Future – a green resource for churches

picture of report coverThe United Reformed Church, in partnership with the Methodist Church and the Baptist Church, have produced a comprehensive study document to help churches think and pray about the fundamental theological issues surrounding Global Warming and Climate Change.  The study guide is particularly helpful for group study.  Copies can be purchased and also downloaded free from the Creation Challenge website, navigate to Resources/Study/Theology, and click on Hope in God’s Future.

The website itself is full of interesting news and resources that challenge us, as christians, to consider how we fulfill God’s trust in us to have dominion over the earth.

Excerpt from Hope in God’s Future

How to use this resource

This report is intended to take you on a transformative journey, using the
changing mood of a service of worship as a framework. It presents our three
Churches’ position on climate change and invites members to see how faith
deeply connects with the challenge.
A service of worship begins in a place of contemplation: praising and waiting
for God. It moves to an encounter with God’s word, which elicits a response
of transformed hearts and the resolution to begin to live out changed lives.
You are invited to read and reflect on the report and the challenges it
presents ‘with the mind in the heart’. This means letting God speak to your
whole personality: heart, mind and lifestyle.
Individual Use:
This guide can be used as a tool for personal study and devotion. As you
read through the report you will see questions and activities which will aid
your reflection. It might be helpful to have a Bible and a notebook with you as
you work through them. Study at your own pace, taking time to pray on what
you have read and the insights you develop.
Group Use:
The report can be studied in a group setting, over one or two evenings, or
even a day dedicated to working through the issues raised. Feel free to
explore further by raising your own questions and discussing them in the
group. All members should have a copy of the report which they can refer to
and take away for individual reflection.